Astrom Thermosense

Intelligent system for fever detection in large crowds

  • Depending on the flow of people, Astrom Thermosense can evaluate 5,000 people per hour, a task that would be very hard and very error-prone if done manually.
  • Astrom Thermosense does not expose operators to contagion. It’s all automated.
  • Astrom Thermosense measures the temperature of multiple people up to 10 times per second. Keeping the most accurate measures in a repeatable process.
  • Astrom Thermosense measures temperature in the regions around the eyes. A region that would be very hard and uncomfortable to evaluate with a handheld laser thermometer.
  • Astrom Thermosense allows to evaluate temperature and detect fever in large crowds, 24/7.
Astrom Thermosense (Faces were blurred to preserve the identity of people)

System components

  • Camera FLIR A315 o A320 – Features a 320 x 240 pixels microbolometer that detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK, for accuracy at longer distances.
  • High definition IP camera – Visual spectrum camera provided to obtain human recognizable images.
  • High-end computer with dedicated NVidia GPU, optimal for compute-intensive tasks.
  • Intelligent software developed by View-Factor – Our software allows to fully automate the process of fever detection in large crowds and it does it with high precision. Astrom Thermosense measures the temperature of multiple people 10 times per second. Our software detects and tracks people in video inputs, taking multiple temperature samples, and attempting to get the temperature around the eyes. When our system detects a person with fever it automatically triggers configurable alarms (sound, visual, and message).
  • API for easy integration with other platforms.
  • Other necessary elements including an Ethernet switch, a tripod, and an industrial mount for the 2 cameras used in our system.

Astrom Thermosense in the news

Interview to two of our co-founders – Bolivisión – Bolivia

March 2nd 2020

Initial demonstrations Astrom Thermo Sense at a Bolivian Airport

March 20 2020

Live demonstration in national TV – Bolivia

March 2020