Astrom Traffic: Truly intelligent traffic lights.

In a world where autonomous (intelligent) cars are a reality, we believe that traffic systems need to also become intelligent. View-Factor has developed Astrom: a system that allows cities to reduce pollution, commute times and driver stress by providing real-time and detailed traffic information for immediate reaction. Astrom also provides invaluable information for mid to long term city planning by aggregating data and making it available through simple interfaces.

Astrom provides true intelligence to traffic systems making Smart Cities a reality

Traditional traffic control systems:

  • Produce unnecessary waiting times on intersections
  • Increase pollution due to system inefficiencies (CO2 and noise)
  • Generate physical and mental stress in drivers
  • Generate distrust on the which in some countries leads to a lack of respect in traffic lights causing accidents in intersections.

The result:

Current road/city planning is based on studies that are:

  • Done once but are not updated with new contexts and traffic patterns
  • Incomplete and inaccurate studies
  • Not appropriate and not well designed
  • Expensive

How does Astrom work?

Astrom consists of a camera per traffic light plugged into a small but powerful computer that runs our powerful software. Our software analyzes live images detecting the amount and type of vehicles and pedestrians (multi-modal) within a certain path to provide immediate and actionable information. Our modules interconnect between neighboring intersections optimizing traffic networks in real-time. All trainable and dynamic.

Multi-modal sensing

Astrom Cloud further processes and aggregates the captured data to provide actionable information to city planners.

Example of system diagram

Re-thinking traffic management using AI from the ground up

Installing Astrom in one intersection is the first step towards becoming a smart city of the future. The system can be installed in traffic corridors,
small areas, neighborhoods, and full city grids.

25% Emission reductions due to less idle time in traffic jams
30% Reduction of unnecessary stops
20% Reduction in fuel consumption
100% Detection of traffic violations such as red-traffic light violation, illegal turn, and average speeding.
One solution for all your traffic problems.