View-Factor Truly intelligent traffic lights.

In a world where autonomous (intelligent) cars are a reality, we believe that traffic systems need to also become intelligent. View-Factor is a system that allows cities to reduce pollution, commute times and driver stress by providing real-time and detailed traffic information for immediate reaction. View-Factor also  provides invaluable information for mid to long term city planning by aggregating data and making it available through simple interfaces.

View-Factor provides true intelligence to traffic systems making Smart Cities a reality

Traditional traffic control systems:

  • Produce unnecessary waiting times on intersections
  • Increase pollution due to system inefficiencies (CO2 and noise)
  • Generate physical and mental stress in drivers
  • Generate distrust on the which in some countries leads to a lack of respect in traffic lights causing accidents in intersections.

Current road/city planning is based on studies that are:

  • Done once but are not updated with new contexts and traffic patterns
  • Incomplete and inaccurate studies
  • Not appropriate and not well designed
  • Expensive

How does View-Factor work?

The View-Factor system consists of a camera per traffic light plugged into a small but powerful computer which runs View-Factor’s software. Our software analyzes live images detecting the amount and type of vehicles within a certain path to provide immediate and actionable information. View-Factor Cloud further processes and aggregates the captured data to provide actionable information to city planners.